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Welcome to the heart and soul of our organization – our extraordinary team members. Behind every successful venture, there’s a dedicated and diverse group of individuals, each bringing their unique talents, skills, and passion to the table. Our team is the driving force that turns your vision into reality, and we couldn’t be prouder to introduce you to the brilliant minds and creative spirits who make it all happen. Discover the expertise, dedication, and personality that define our team and fuel our collective pursuit of excellence.


Elli hails from the picturesque landscape of St. Maries, where her love for outdoor adventures and baking first took root. With the thrill of snow skiing in winter, the rush of water skiing in summer, and the peaceful solitude of hiking trails year-round, Elli has always embraced nature’s gifts.

Elli’s academic journey led her to earn a degree in accounting, equipping her with the financial acumen to navigate the world of business. Armed with a passion for creativity and a keen entrepreneurial spirit, Elli ventured into the world of business ownership at Sand Creek Custom Wear.

Her dedication to quality and eye for detail have transformed her business into a hub of creativity and customization. Whether it’s crafting custom apparel for local events or helping businesses showcase their brand, Elli’s apparel decoration expertise shines through.

In her spare time, Elli can be found whipping up delectable treats in the kitchen, shredding down snowy slopes, cutting up flat water, or exploring new hiking trails. Elli’s diverse interests reflect her zest for life and her commitment to balancing work and play.


Aaron is a true Pacific Northwesterner, originating from the city of Seattle, Washington. Born and raised in the shadow of the Space Needle, Aaron developed a deep appreciation for the stunning landscapes and outdoor activities that the region has to offer.

One of Aaron’s greatest passions is skiing. Whether it’s gliding down the pristine slopes of the PNW in the winter, or gracefully skimming across the cool waters of LPO in the summer, he’s a true enthusiast of the skiing world. You’ll often find him chasing fresh powder in the winter and making the most of the long summer days by hitting the lake for some water skiing fun.

As an entrepreneur at heart, Aaron’s appreciation for art and craftsmanship led him to owning Sand Creek Custom Wear, where he is the CEO or “Chief Embroidery Officer”. Aaron’s commitment to quality and attention to detail have made SCCW a go-to decoration destination for both residents and tourists alike.

With a warm smile and a passion for both his work and the great outdoors, Aaron is not just a business owner but also a dedicated community member who embodies the spirit of the Pacific Northwest. His journey from the urban landscapes of Seattle to the tranquil setting of Sandpoint has shaped his character and reinforced his love for nature and craftsmanship.



Hey, I’m Sina and I am the graphic designer here at Sand Creek Custom Wear. 

After having worked as a Designer and Product Manager for major European bike- and skiwear companies for the past 9 years, I decided to move to Sandpoint. I love being outdoors and in nature. That’s where I get my inspiration. And what better place to do that than here at Schweitzer, Lake Pend Oreille, or in the Pinewoods… If I’m not in the office, you’ll find me with my husband and dog Rio exploring new trails and cuisine.


Hey! My name is Reagan, but most people call me Ray. I’m a fellow graphic designer and sales associate here at Sand Creek Custom Wear. I’m originally from the Seattle area but have also lived in fun places like Arizona for some time. 
I live in beautiful Hope Idaho where I enjoy taking walks with my husband and dog, backyard s’mores with friends, and the occasional quad rides up to Lunch Peak. 
I also teach classical ballet at Allegro Dance Studio and curl people’s hair for weddings in the summer on my weekends. And whenever I can find some free time, I enjoy baking or reading a book. 
I love to design and use my creativity to help our local community at Sand Creek Custom Wear!


Hey! My name is Julia and I work in the direct to film and direct to garment area of SCCW. I grew up in British Columbia, Canada and moved to North Idaho in 2015. When I’m at Sand Creek you’ll find me making heat transfers to put on garments and/or printing directly on garments with our amazing printer. I thoroughly enjoy coming to work and seeing all the fun and creative designs that our customers have created. My favourite part of my job is checking jobs off my list- to me that’s bliss! In my spare time I can be found spending quality time with my husband and kids. We like hiking, biking, swimming and paddleboarding- and I love wandering local thrift stores(by myself)!


I would like to introduce myself – I am Kevin Wilson. I have been involved in the apparel industry for 30+ years.
I moved from Texas to Sandpoint and teamed up with Sand Creek Custom Wear. We are a great team!
My accomplishments that I can be proud of are the following:
I have printed for Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, PINK, Gas Monkey Garage, Casey Donahue, Cody Johnson, and many more Texas musicians. It has been a great way to develop my craft, and I really enjoy it. I am very proud of what I do.
I assure you that Sand Creek Custom Wear is your go-to for the apparel you are wanting, guaranteed!
I look forward to providing our customers with the best!


Darby, a proud native of the small town of Heron, Montana, has always found solace and inspiration in the serene landscapes of the Idaho panhandle and northwest Montana. With a passion for craftsmanship and creativity, Darby found his niche at Sand Creek Custom Wear, where he specializes in heat transfers. Beyond his work, Darby’s heart belongs to the great outdoors. You’ll often find him tending to his garden, casting a line in the local lakes and rivers, or trekking through the lush forests on a hiking adventure. Camping under the vast Montana sky is where he feels most at home. As a dedicated member of the Sand Creek Custom Wear team, Darby not only brings his expertise to the table but also embodies the spirit of the inland northwest with his love for the land and its people.


Woof, I’m Rambo, shop dog extraordinaire! My duties include welcoming everyone with a tail wag, and tossing a toy at your foot in hopes you play inside fetch with me. My parents adopted me from Better Together Animal Alliance in 2016, and I have been the highlight of their life ever since. You can trust I am the favorite child over Phil the cat.

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